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How Give Volunteer Find Volunteer Works (GVFVW)

About Give Volunteer Find Volunteer

This is a platform, whereby employers or business owners post a volunteer project such as website design, SEO, Social Media or Graphic projects so that volunteers can take on these projects to earn money and work experience. The amount to be earned is fixed. Volunteers can only earn from ($100-$150). 

The main objective of this platform is to enable fresh graduates, volunteers, newcomers, people changing careers to earn experience that is needed in their chosen profession.However, this doesn't imply that this platform is strictly for volunteers, newcomers, job seekers, interns or fresh graduates. This platform also benefits employers and recruiters as well, because of it is a cheaper option as opposed to hiring an agency.

What is the catch? The catch is to create opportunities for someone to gain experience as well as have a work reference, which is essentially needed when finding a job.

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- Employer or recruiter sign up and post a project

- Project is reviewed and matched with an eligible volunteer

- Volunteer either accepts or rejects the project

- Upon acceptance, volunteer awarded the projects and works on it

- Employer is informed

- When project is completed, project is delivered to the employer or recruiter


- Volunteer sign up and upload resume

- Volunteer waits patiently to receive work or browse projects of interest.

- Volunteer indicates their interest to take on a project

- When volunteer accepts a project, they are awarded the project

- Volunteer works on executing the project accordingly

- When project is completed, volunteer delivers the project to the employer or recruiter

- Volunteer has now a work reference as well as work experience

  • I was looking for a job after graduation, most of the positions I applied for needed someone with an ample work experience, since I had insufficient work experience in my field, I decided to volunteer in other to add to my wealth of experience.Luckily for me, my current work came as a result of the volunteer jobs I took up previously.

    Joel Lorde